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My boyfriend and I are pretty new to the city. We moved here for his job with Coca-Cola, and we don’t really know anyone yet. This is our first time living together, and I’m discovering that we are quite different socially. I don’t mind going to the club, but he doesn’t really like it. He likes walking and movies, which are o.k. for me, but I don’t want to do that all of the time. Any suggestions for something around here that we both might like? Signed, Home Bodies

X – Dear Home Bodies, I totally understand what you mean. There is plenty to do around our beautiful city. I would say go to GROUPON or LIVING SOCIAL because they have many great deals for places to go around here and near us. This website is an awesome resource as well for places to go and finding out what is happening in the city. Also check Facebook for LGBTQ events happening in the city. On all these sites I have found great date nights that consist of painting lessons with wine and cheese, or pottery classes (and you bring your own beer or drinks). Horseback riding is very cheap thru Groupon. Home Bodies, you all will have to communicate and compromise on both sides as you meet new people. He may feel comfortable with you finding a good group of people he trusts for you to go out with instead of dragging him and vice versa. This is the best advise I have for you. Welcome to our city and I hope to see you around!

Y – It’s hard to say what you both might like without actually knowing you all personally. But I think the best solution is to try the things that both of you like and network with other people while out and about so maybe each of you can make connections with people that enjoy the same things as you.

– Well, what did you do together in the city that you moved from? I would say that moving to a new city can be daunting, but you two must have enjoyed something together prior to Charlotte. Check resources like this site, QNotes, Creative Loafing and get up, out and explore. It sounds like you are “home bodies” right now simply because you haven’t ventured out yet. So, go discover something great!

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