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My girlfriend loves her dog. I do NOT love her dog. It’s not that I don’t like furry creatures. But, I do not like HER little one. I think I’m going to tell her, but we will probably break up. I’m pretty sure she loves him more than she loves me. So, do I keep quiet? It’s difficult for me to concentrate on the relationship when her dog is always in the car, always on the bed, always around. Signed, not feelin’ Fido

X – Dear Not feeling’ Fido, If you love your girlfriend, I mean if you really love her then you have to find a way to like/come to love her dog. When in a relationship you have to come to like /love a few things: their parent(s), their kid(s) and their pet(s)!! Many people treat their pets like humans, after all they say a dog is a mans best friend. If you feel that she loves her dog more than you, then that is a conversation you need to have gently and express why you feel that way to her. A true story, I am dating a woman with a dog. I knew that I needed to win her parent(s) and dog approval or this relationship probably would not go far. She treats him like her child, seriously! I recently took the dog out and lost him. I looked everywhere for the dog and began to panic after not finding him after a good 30 minutes. I then began to think how in the world can I tell her that I lost her dog. Well long story short I get home and the dog is sitting in front of the door of our place, THANK GOD!! I wasn’t going to tell her but I did b/c my heart was beating so fast she knew something was wrong with me. She assured me I would have died if I had lost her puppy. I say this to say, if your girlfriend is anything like mine towards her dog it will be offensive to her that you do not like her “dog child” and she will leave you. Stay quiet if you love her and find a way to like her Fido, but speak up gently about how you feel she loves Fido more than you!!

Y – The real question is why aren’t you feeling Fido? Is it because you feel like she loves Fido more than you? Or Fido gets more attention? (Which both of these questions are valid). I would recommend before you say anything evaluate why you and Fido have beef and if there are genuine concerns I would speak up. If you just don’t like Fido just because then I’d say you probably want to start soon if you really love her, because if you are this concerned Fido could break up your relationship that means Fido is clearly very important to her and should also be important to you.

– Ok, “Not feelin’ Fido”, I am wondering what the real problem is that you aren’t saying. Could it be that “Fido” gets more attention than you? You probably want the bed just for you and your girl, and I get it. I would have to say that I would speak up about your concerns, but it sounds like the focus should be less about “Fido”, and more about the two of you. Concentrate more of the energy toward spending quality alone time together, and do not put the dog in the middle of it. Also, you may want to try and take the dog out alone and bond. Perhaps this will make you feel more comfortable with the situation. Truthfully, it just sounds like you’re actually a little jealous.

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