XYZ Column: Send or Delete

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Ever hear of Dear Abby? Well, VGC is here to bring you our NEW advice column…


Responses from the Female, Male, and Trans or “Ze” perspective.

Me in the Middle

What do you do when your ex trashes you on social media? Do I defend myself or let it go? I already drafted a response exposing some, not even all, of her dirty secrets, but I’m trying to be the bigger person. – Signed, Send or Delete

X – Dear Send or Delete,

Who says that not saying anything is being the bigger person? Your Ex started something when they trashed you on social media, so if you want to finish it, who says
that you’re not the bigger person? Here is what I know, because we have all been there and done that … My advice is to do what you feel you can live with! If you choose to say
something DO NOT hold back. Put it all out there and free your mind, but also go in for the kill. In relationships, we all gain dirt on each other… so think hard, but not
too long!!!!

Y – The safe politically correct answer is be the bigger person. People that really know you won’t judge you based on some social media noise. However, the ratchet side of me says let them have it! After a few glasses of wine if you still
don’t have the nerve to send it, then don’t do it.

Z – This is a tough one. I do not think it would be bad of you to expose your ex. The problem is, will it really help you in the long run? Sometimes, we just have to forgive the person and move forward. Make your own peace with the situation. My guess is that they will eventually feel silly and come back to apologize.

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