XYZ Column: Me in the Middle

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Ever hear of Dear Abby? Well, VGC is here to bring you our NEW advice column…


Responses from the Female, Male, and Trans or “Ze” perspective.

Me in the Middle

My boyfriend met my parents and they don’t like him. I love him, and
think they just had a rough first impression. My boyfriend, on the other hand, fell
in love with them and wants to have them over for dinner. Do I tell him the truth or
just hope they change their mind about him? – Me in the Middle

X – Dear Me in the Middle,

I don’t think that you should tell your boyfriend just yet!!!! First impressions are
hard especially when it comes to parents and their darling little angels like
yourself. I would give them a few more scheduled encounters with each other and if
they still don’t like him after like a month or two with seeing him in different
settings, then I would tell him. You all love each other, he loves your parents…
hopefully they will come around. If not, he can be fake around them to please them (if
he chooses).

Y – If you think it’s just a bad first impression, then I say wait and see if they
grow to love him.  If they don’t, then tell him. I wouldn’t want him living life in the
“shade” forever. Unless your parents have enough influence to make you break up with
him it won’t matter either way. Not telling him is almost like lying in a sense,
because you are holding something from him that could matter later on if there’s
ever a wedding or baby that the parents would be heavily involved in. Hopefully they
will grow to love him as much as you, though. Good luck!

Z – I would tell your boyfriend. I would not want to walk into a situation thinking that everything is great, and it turns out that I was not given all of the information. Perhaps the two of you can come up with a way, together, to have other interactions with your parents. This may change their view of him. But, I feel that you have to be up front and honest with him. Wouldn’t you want the same thing? Check in with us again and give us an update.

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